About us

Established in 2010, Autron fire and security is an engineering and service company that provides designing , consulting, monitoring, supplying equipment, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire and extinguishing services at factories, production halls, offices and organizations, industrial centers, commercial and residential buildings, libraries, laboratories, documentation centers, as well as data centers (server rooms, electric power and UPS), control room, generator room for some years.

Our teams of professional sales and operations individuals are equipped with the expertise and knowledge to design, consult, monitor, supply, install, and maintain service many requirements within the fire and security business. Our diverse range of services enable Autron to meet the most stringent fire and security requirements of our valued and satisfied customers.

We at Autron take pride in our reputation, technical expertise and business excellence. We are proud to be associated with some of the leading companies in the region and to have provided totally integrated fire, security and telecommunications solutions to some of the most prestigious or important developments in Iran over the years.


Autron provides all types of Fire Protection and Fire Detection Systems, as well as state-of-the-art Security and Integrated Telecommunications Solutions to a wide range of market sectors such as Oil & Gas, Commercial, Aviation, Telecommunication, Transportation Facilities, Industrial, Power & Water and Marine. Our portfolio of solutions and services include:

·         Fire & Gas Detection Systems ·         Vesda Detection Systems
·         Fire Fighting Equipment ·         Intruder Alarm
·         Fire Monitor Systems (Water and Foam) ·         FM200 Gas Extinguishing System
·         Waterspray and Sprinkler Systems ·         Watermist Systems
·         Skid-mounted Fire Protection


·         Dry Chemical Systems
·         Fire Pumps ·         Specialist Detection Systems
·         Fire Alarm Systems ·         Perimeter Protection
·         Integrated Systems ·         Radio Communications
·         INERGEN Gas Extinguishing Systems ·         CO2 Systems
·         Deluge Systems ·         Foam Systems

The diverse range of solutions and services in our portfolio enable us to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the various markets we serve.